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Functional art

Bowls, plates and sculptures inspired by nature,
Sanne creates leaves and vegetables in bronze.


Sanne Bernhart

All art is quite useless.., until you start using it.

All art is useless, Oscar Wilde once wrote, Yet Sanne Bernhart thoroughly disagrees. Art has a function. It is a statement, a memory, an indictment, a decoration, a witness, a provocation, a pampering. But at the same time it is a coat rack, a lamp, a bottle opener, a cookie tin or a bowl. Every creation has it in itself to be art. Art is what you get when you say: WOW, nothing more nothing less.

Functional Art is what Sanne makes. A work of art which you automatically want to use. Tot give it a purpose, but then with the WOW factor. A WOW fruit bowl a WOW lamp or just a thing with a WOW as decoration.

In everything Sanne Bernhart does, she asks herself: “is it, is it going to be, or can it become a WOW?” That is how she bought her first pieces of art herself. And that’s how she makes her own art. It deserves to participate in the life of the happy owner. That’s the WOW Sanne Bernhart is looking for. 

Everything in nature has one purpose; reproduction.

Sanne Bernhart

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Bowls, plates and sculptures inspired by nature


Everything in nature has one purpose; reproduction. And then, somewhere halfway, men comes. With scissors, axes and knives. Chop and everything has changed. Cutting, cooking, eating. And when hunger is satisfied, it’s time for art. Cutting, casting, bronze. The evolution immortalized.​

Martin de Munnik

"I still remember her first piece of work; modest, careful, a bowl because 'art can also have a function'.

And then there is l'Eve, wow. Each leaf handmade. No function other than being beautiful, stunning even."

Martin de Munnik,

Edwin Voûte

“Review coming soon''

Miryam Obdeijn

“Review coming soon''

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